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Why Dogwalks?

Not all dog walking companies are the same

Here's what makes us different:

We’ve been doing this a long time

San Francisco dog walking companies have exploded over the last 10 years, but we’ve been here since the beginning. We’ve built a long-standing reputation for excellence.

We put clients first
All dog walkers and daycares love dogs. We’re no exception, but we love our human clients just as much, and that’s much more rare.

You can rely on us to be there
We offer flexible scheduling. Life can be hectic and you already have enough to think about. We always do what we say we will and then some.

We combine professional services with a personal touch
Our incredible, long-lived, and tight team works together to make sure your needs are met and your dog has an incredible time, whether on his daily walks, boarding with us while you’re out of town, or hanging out for the day.

You want the best for your dog
Dogwalks owner Julia Frink is Dog*Tec certified and personally chooses and oversees a team who understands dogs and dog behavior, and how to make sure all of our four-legged charges are having a safe and wonderful time.

Meet Julia and the Dogwalks team
Click here to meet Julia and the entire Dogwalks team!

Join The Woof Pack

Julia and the Dogwalks team have been taking care of our dogs for over ten years and we couldn't imagine our girls' lives without them. We want the absolute best care for our furry family members. Dogwalks gives us absolute peace of mind in this regard. From daily walks or boarding during vacations, we know that our dogs are safe, loved, and having a ridiculous amount of fun.

A. Dunton

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