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About Dogwalks

It’s not about us, it’s about you.

We came early and we’ve stayed for the long haul. We’ve done that by focusing on what matters most—you and your dog.

We’ve been here since the beginning
Dogwalks is one of the original San Francisco dog walking companies, and one of the oldest. We’ve been successful because we’ve stuck to our beliefs—

  • in using only positive reinforcement training methods
  • in small walking groups,
  • in putting clients first,
  • in finding ways on a daily basis to make the parks and beaches we walk better places than we found them,
  • in always striving to be better at what we do today than we were yesterday.

Our commitment to excellence in customer service
At Dogwalks we strive to be the very best at both taking care of dogs and our human clients.

We are a mature, responsible company and we keep our values at the forefront of everything we do:

  • Reliability
  • Consistency
  • Integrity

If we tell you we’ll do something, we’ll do it.

And then whenever possible we’ll look for opportunities to do a little more, just because we care.

A true team approach
We’re proud to have dog pros who stay with us for years. We actively seek and screen mature, responsible
people who value being part of a team, and who are trained in safety protocols, positive reinforcement training, and effective group management. We work together in a way that’s rare in this industry, and this allows us to provide the consistency and reliability we swear by.

Join The Woof Pack

Dogwalks.com has been walking our pug Piglet for 11 years, since he was just a puppy. He still barks and jumps around with excitement like a puppy every time he hears their car pull up in our driveway. I want to thank Dogwalks.com for being such a positive presence in our dog’s and our family’s life.

D. Porpora

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Meet Dogwalks owner Julia Frink

For her entire life, Julia has been passionate about dogs. In 1999, she turned that passion into a business—Dogwalks—and grew it into one of the most respected dog-walking companies in San Francisco. For over two decades, Julia has gotten to do what she loves: taking care of dogs and their humans. 

Julia has completed coursework with the highly respected Dog Training Internship Academy. She is a Dog Biz Success certified professional dog walker.

With a commitment to ongoing learning, Julia keeps up to date on the most recent scientific thinking and discoveries about dog behavior and training, especially positive reinforcement methods. She continues to improve her own skills by taking private training sessions and classes, and shares her expertise with the Dogwalks team and her clients. Julia’s goal is to create a well-oiled team, with everyone on the same page and using the same training methods and techniques. 

Julia has truly put her heart and soul into Dogwalks. Her greatest joy is finding ways to exceed clients’ expectations, and she is extremely proud to have built a team of incredible professionals who are as committed as she is to taking care of your dog in a loving and positive environment.



Julia before Dogwalks
Always a traveler and entrepreneur, Julia’s first company toured people to Spain to explore the country’s food, wine, and Flamenco dance. She studied flamenco dance and music as well, performing internationally, and taught ESL in Spain for six years. Julia holds a degree in Economics from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. A Northern CA native, she holds lifelong interests in social issues, history, travel, art, and design.


Meet the Dogwalks team

San Francisco dog walking companies tend to come and go. We came early and we’ve stayed for the long haul. We’ve done that by focusing on what matters most—you and your dog.

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